A network of emerging sacramental  
practitioners and dreamers. 
To worship, recharge,
share ideas, pray and support in mission. 

Who are we?

The Sanctum Collective is a coming together of various strands of creative mission, worship and community: Alternative Worship, Sacramental Fresh Expressions, New Monasticism and Anglo-Catholic Renewal. 
We recognise that Pioneers are found in diverse roles and contexts, Parish Churches, Cathedrals, New Communities and Church Plants. We recognise that Sacramental Mission is naturally at home in a blended economy.
We hold a main gathering yearly in July at Mirfield which is open to any who wish to contribute. 
As individuals and as a network we are available to support and resources others.

Core Team

Sue Wallace


Precentor, Artist,
Composer, Liturgist.

Eddie Green


Anglo-Catholic Charismatic,
Blended Pioneer.
Sodality of the Holy Spirit

Robb Sutherland


Creative, Tech,
Estate Mission.
Rock Mass

Discuss. Share. Worship

This year we are talking about the sacraments of the church and mission.
This year we are talking about the relationship between new forms of church and renewing the old. 
This year we will be listening to where God is calling us next.
Everyone who comes to Sanctum is a participant.
Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a prayer station for the main worship space.
Everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a story to share as we extend our Show and Tell sessions.
There will be space for creative worship and creating worship.
There will be space with the Mirfield community for worship.
There will be space for anointing and prayer.

Sanctum is a great space to explore where God is leading us as creative people who find Him in the sacraments. It is a place to be inspired to experiment with new ideas in the coming years.

- Sanctum 2016 Participant

in addition to the core team

Contributors ...

Rowan Williams


Threshold at York Minster.
Inclusive Catholic. Academic. Muso.

Simon Rundell


Pusher of Pixels and Sacraments.
Holy Ground, Exeter

Jonnie Parkin


Monastic Inspired.

Alexandra Guest


Philosophy & Theology.
Waltham Abbey bound.


Everyone Contributes

Bring your Stories and Experience
to Share


Everyone Contributes

Bring your Stories and Experience
to Share.

I loved:
The range of different services, with different worship styles.
Prayer stations - which I can adapt to use at services at home
Meeting the Sanctum team - putting names and faces together.

- Sanctum 2016 Participant

The Community of the Resurrection Mirfield

A limited number of single rooms are available on site at the College of the Resurrection. Or buy day only tickets with main meals and stay at an affordable local hotel.

Sanctum can accommodate 26 on site and a further 36 off site. 

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A gathering of emerging sacramental practitioners and dreamers.