A network of emerging sacramental  
practitioners and dreamers. 
To worship, recharge,
share ideas, pray and support in mission. 

The Team

Sue Wallace


Precentor, Artist,
Composer, Liturgist

Eddie Green


Anglo-Catholic Charismatic, alt:worship Diehard
Sodality of the Holy Spirit

Robb Sutherland


Occasionally Focussed.
Rock Mass

Contributors ...

Rowan Williams


Threshold at York Minster. Inclusive Catholic. Academic. Muso. Nerd.

Simon Rundell


Curator of Bless├ęd, Unashamedly Anglo-Catholic, Deeply Sacramental.


Everyone Contributes

Bring your Stories and Experience to Share

Annual Retreat

at The Community of the Resurrection Mirfield

I liked having the prayer stations round the edge. It gave everyone a chance to be creative even if they didn't have a slot on the programme and I sense that there's a common thread from participants that they want to roll up sleeves and create worship experiences rather than simply consume what others have prepared.

- Sanctum 2015 Participant

The Community of the Resurrection Mirfield

A limited number of single rooms are available on site at the College of the Resurrection. Or buy day only tickets with main meals and stay at an affordable local hotel.

Slapdash. Haphazard.